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you know the rules.
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LJ poking

**dusts the cowebs away**

Just wanted to drop a line that the plac I'm most often found active right now is tumblr.

Soooo if anyone feels like being up-to-date with me and isn't put off by the terrible reblogging of mine, you're welcome to follow me @ alielle.tumblr.com ♥
Oh "Sons of Anarchy" why have I NOT discovered you sooner!!??

Devious Journal Entry

dreams on fire
by *Alielle on deviantART

And around them, stars and moons and homeworlds burned.
Dad died.

Devious Journal Entry

Lovely in the morning after
by ~Alielle on deviantART

Corey gets way too little attention from me ♥
Merry Christmas everyone! ♥



Apparently I have too much time on my hands, now that exam time is over (I still can't believe I got a friggin' B!!! **enter uncontrollable squeeing here**).
Anyways, cause I know my FL is just SO awesome...

**coughs to get attention**

I made a Fack community - fair_heart.
Yes, I know most of you out there are hardcore Clotis, but be fair sports and spread the word ;) the world needs more Fack love! ♥

Rukia art!

So, Adam got me the new tablet :D

and I can't believe how much fun it is, and how easy drawing is now with a working pen! YAAY! Happy me is happy!

Anyways, to get me started I did a simple Rukia drawing, so here it is!

Winter's bloomCollapse )


HitsuRuki "Heated Frost" art, rated M :)

**happy giggle**

Even IF I do question myself, why do I keep underssing those two, I am happy with the outcome!
Wanted to try something different coloring, using more blues and greys and I'm satisfied, even if you can't possibly see any of the many shades I used **le sigh**

Anyways, rated M, sexy times for Rukia and Toshiro under the cut! :D

you'd wonder about the butterfly in the window...Collapse )